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St. Lucie Falls is a community of homes for sale in Stuart, Florida, that is a popular with retirees. The 55+ community was established in 1999 and encompasses 411 homes in the southwestern area of Martin County.

The essence of St. Lucie Falls lies in its sense of community and inclusiveness. There are single-family homes and mobile homes for sale in St. Lucie Falls, providing options for many homebuyers. 

st lucie falls in stuart fl

St. Lucie Falls is a pet-friendly community, allowing residents to have up to two non-aggressive dogs, provided they are well cared for.

Beyond just a typically active adult neighborhood, St. Lucie Falls is a thriving community. It flourishes on the principle of inclusiveness and support among neighbors, especially in their shared pursuit of an enjoyable retirement. The community actively looks out for one another, fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere.

St. Lucie Falls also warmly welcomes the younger generation, unlike other 55 plus neighborhoods in Stuart, with a policy allowing grandchildren under 18 years of age to visit for up to 60 days per year. This inclusivity adds a unique touch to the community's atmosphere.

For those with boats or RVs, St. Lucie Falls has a storage lot, albeit on a first-come, first-served basis, adding a layer of convenience for those who enjoy recreational activities. No vehicles can be parked on the street or grass overnight. 

The St. Lucie Falls HOA has governing documents available online for all to see, and you can further explore what the POA has to offer.

There are few neighborhoods as festive at St. Lucie Falls during the holiday season. Residents partake in colorful light displays on their homes and cars, there is a cookie swap and Christmas Dance, and there are nearby choruses, dances, and hayrides.

If you're interested in St. Lucie Falls homes for sale in Stuart, Florida, we can help you find the right property. Whether it's a house or a mobile home in St. Lucie Falls, take a look at what's available and schedule a tour with us today.

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