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If you are looking for a house for rent on the Treasure Coast, you'll find our real estate search website to be very helpful. Unlike other home search websites, that show you old and expired information, our Treasure Coast rental listings are taken straight from the MLS every 15 minutes. The rental homes you are seeing are real time, and the information on our website can be trusted to be accurate and releant. You can always search Treasure Coast homes for sale on our main page as well. If you have any questions about a specific home for rent, or if you'd like to schedule a showing, call us 24/7.

Searching Craigslist's Homes for Rent?

Are you spending your time on user-generated websites like Craigslist looking for a potential rental property? Searching homes for rent on Craigslist is setting yourself up for disappointment for two major reasons:

  1. The website is entirely curated by users, meaning there is no one ensuring that someone advertising a Craigslist house for rent in Port St. Lucie, for example, is inputting accurate information.
  2. Advertisers are not held accountable to update their Treasure Coast rentals on Craigslist. Often times, the homes for rent that you see are already rented or off the market.

Best Places to Rent on the Treasure Coast

Whether you are looking for a home for rent in Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, or Jupiter, there are myriad communities, lifestyles, locations, and price ranges to choose from, all offering prime access to the beautiful south Florida beaches. One of the hottest markets right now is the Port St. Lucie home rentals, because many people are taking advantage of the high supply of homes and lower prices. Others are looking at homes for rent in Jupiter FL, where you can find waterfront homes for rent and be in a community with great schools labelled as "Top 7 Cities to Live" in the nation. If schools are what you are after, rentals in Martin County will be a popular option, as the schools here have been rated among the top in the state for over a decade.

The Difference between Buying and Renting a Home 

Most people that are searching homes for rent on the Treasure Coast may not realize it, but they are actually able to buy a home. It often doesn't cross their mind, because renting homes has become a habit and its second nature to them, however nearly 75% of all renters that I introduce to a mortgage lender are qualified for a home mortgage. When you buy a home on the Treasure Coast, you can have a mortgage payment for exactly what you are paying in rent, and build equity as you make your payments. Furthermore, there are tons of loan programs to help if you think you have problems with you credit score, down payment, or closing costs. Call us today to talk more!

Renting Treasure Coast Apartments & Condos

Rather than a single-family home, many people are turning to renting apartments on the Treasure Coast as well as condominiums. While there are more restrictions on pets, vehicles, etc., the prices can be less when renting a Treasure Coast apartment or condo, and you won't have to worry about lawn care and other exterior maintenance that the Homeowner's Association will take care of. Considering condos and apartments on the Treasure Coast are one option, so give us a call today to discuss all of your options in full.

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