Keep the value of your home from falling by making these critical repairs before putting it on the market.

Before you decide to sell your home, you want to ensure that every buyer will see it in its best light and that each showing will exemplify the value that your home offers. Before listing your property for sale, this article will go over some crucial repairs to make that a future buyer may or may not see, and could cause you to get low offers or poor inspections down the line. Keep in mind, this article covers repairs of your home, which ensure the home is in good working condition and that a buyer, or a home inspector, don't see things that will cause unnecessary negotiation. This is separate from upgrades, which are usually cosmetic, optional, and boost the value of a home.


Faulty Appliances

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If you have a kitchen appliance, air conditioner, etc., that is not functioning, it is almost always best to take care of the problem yourself. Any potential buyer will usually imagine a much higher estimate to fix a problem than it would cost you to simply make the repair. It could also lead to a buyer backing out of the deal if the item is not disclosed beforehand.


Clean/Repair Flooring

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In South Florida, our flooring gets more weathered than anywhere else in the country. The rain, dirt, and year-round humidity can take a toll, and potential buyers will be turned off by soiled tile grout, ripped carpet, and dinged-up wood floors. When we are consulting our clients before they sell any of their Treasure Coast real estate, we always recommend making any necessary replacements and a nice deep clean.


Water Stains

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You might know that the water stain in the ceiling is from a decade ago, but a buyer will see that and instantly think they have a problem. Any evidence of water damage to the walls, ceiling, or cabinets should be immediately fixed. Have a plumber or contractor come out to ensure there isn't any more leaking occurring, and then cover up the issue. These kinds of things can even cause problems during some home appraisals if they are FHA or VA, because they are protecting the home buyer from potential issues.


Pet Damage

Pet Damage in House

Whatever devastation your pets have created, fix it as though there was nothing there. If your house reeks like cat, deep clean the carpets, if your cute puppy scratched at the bedroom door every morning, replace it. Minor pet issues get potential buyers thinking about how responsible and diligent the owner was about the rest of the home, and before you know it they're wondering what else they should be worried about. 


Repair Walls

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If you are moving out before starting to show the house for sale, be sure to cover your tracks after you remove TV wall mounts, picture frames, and shelving. Also, if you ran into any walls while moving furniture, don't overlook that. Do some minor dry-wall patching and painting to make the walls look like new again, and you will retain more value out of your home for it.