Extensive information on where Martin County Flood Zones are, what Flood Zone types exists, and what they mean to homeowners.

Knowing where the Martin County flood zones are and what they mean to you as a homeowner can provide a lot of value when there is a large storm on the horizon and it can save you a lot of money when you are shopping for insurance. Below, you can find FEMA's flood zone map for Martin County, as well as a break down for what the different zones mean to you, and how they can cost you as a homeowner. If you are searching for homes for sale, give us a call and we can clarify any questions you might have. Credit to this post of Martin County Flood Zone information.

martin county flood zone map

FEMA Flood Zone Map (Martin County): http://mcgov.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=4b72b96cb58c4e49bbb25ecb5313f681

Flood zones are split based on risk. The different colors will lend varying risk and often mean that homeowners with a mortgage will have to carry certain levels of insurance coverage. Knowing if your house is in these Martin County flood zones could be the difference between a home seeming affordable or otherwise. Below is a list of risk break downs so you know what they mean when you see them on the flood zone map.


Moderate/Low Risk Flood Zone

Zones B & X, C & X

If you are buying real estate in Martin County that has this flood zone type, flood insurance is available but usually will not be required by a lender.


High Risk Flood Zone

Zones A, AE, A1-30, AH, AO, AR, A99

While many of these Martin County flood zone classifications vary, the important factor for homeowners is that they all require flood insurance coverage. A comprehensive breakdown of each of these zones can be found here: https://snmapmod.snco.us/fmm/document/fema-flood-zone-definitions.pdf. Many of the names address the base flood elevation and annual chance of flooding.


High Risk Flood Zone (Coastal Areas)

Zones V, VE, V 1-30

Areas in Martin County with these flood zone classifications are high risk and also pose an additional hazard from storm waves and other coastal velocity hazards. Mandatory flood insurance will apply to anyone buying a waterfront home with a mortgage in these areas.

See all flood zone classifications here: http://www.floodmaps.com/zones.htm.


If you have any other questions about where the Martin County flood zones are, what they mean, or how you can get the best coverage possible, contact us at any time. We are at your disposal to make it easier for you to find, own, and thrive in your Treasure Coast real estate.