We asked clients what the best home buying advice they ever received was, and how it helped them save time, money, stress, or all of the above!

Overestimate the Cost of the House

"We really got into the numbers for our home, and it paid off. We got a lot of estimates from the lender you hooked us up with as far as monthly payments, closing costs, insurance premiums, and the like, so that was a good start. We had friends who said to make sure we budgeted for everything, and we did - from monthly maintenance and pest control to moving costs and utility bills. We bought homes in Palm City before, so being able to put everything in a spreadsheet and have you negotiate for that bottom line was invaluable." - Spencer S 

Understand the Steps to Buy a Home

"I know this might be trivial, but for us the best home-buying advice was when right before we bought our Port St. Lucie house with you - we sat down in your office and you laid out the process for us. It took away the uneasiness - the anxiety and unknown - of buying a new home. We didn't know how to finance a home, or what our options were, and we didn't know when anything would be done or what our role was. After that meeting with you, we were ready to go because once we understood the process and felt comfortable, we were really ready to go." - Marcia & Tom H 

Your Real Estate Agent Matters!

"The first home we purchased, we used a family friend, because we didn't really know what a Realtor did. We just figured they were all interchangeable essentially. When we were referred to you guys to help us with our current home, we realized the difference in agent capability and just how valuable having a great local real estate agent can be. Especially when the buyer is typically not paying the commission, it makes sense to make sure you have the best representation in your corner before buying real estate. We've talked about it frequently, that you have saved us thousands of dollars and plenty sleepless nights." - Carol B

Know How a Treasure Coast Property is Valued

"Until I got pre-approved and started seeing homes with you, I didn't really understand the science behind what affects the value of a home. Being able to talk with you and say, 'OK, these four homes sold in the last few months and this is how their condition and location and everything compare to this house', it really opened everything up to me. It made the house purchase so common sense because we're so used to this HGTV type of thing where you just make an offer and see what happens. What a terrible idea. You need to go over the comparable sales, what's going on in the area, how the market is doing - but that's why people hire you, right?" - Stacey L